Mr Muhammad Hasan Lakhani needs no introduction and to the people who know about Mr Lakhani surely knows Hasan Lakhani. Mr Hasan Lakhani is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the shipping industry, and he has proved the ground with his dedication and vision. He works with his father in Dubai Trading Company and the duo has made some terrific deals for their company. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani is the son of Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani and this how he got a head start in the ship breaking business.

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani

As per the information available, Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Shipping is also the proud owner of a motoring club he found while pursuing graduation. The club grew exponentially in the last few years, and today, it is the hub of sensational corporate events and other such activities. Talking about the background of Muhammad Hasan Lakhani, it is known that he was born on 29 August 1991 in Pakistan. He completed his schooling from Mill Hill School in 2008, and he later enrolled in David Lang & Dick College.

From David Lang & Dick College, Muhammad Hasan Lakhani received his degree in ICT, Business, Geography & History. All these courses were completed in 2010, and these subjects proved to be of great importance in the shipping industry. The subjects enabled Muhammad Hasan Lakhani to offer his valuable insights to the business and be an integral part of Dubai Trading Company. It is also known that Muhammad Hasan Lakhani went to Regents University in London to get a degree in BA Global Financial Management. This degree further helped him in supervising the financial operations of Dubai Trading Company Limited Liability Company.

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Dubai also worked for Gadget Crazy since the year 2009. Gadget Crazy is one of the big electronic goods trading company in the UK. He utilizes his experience to manage the delivery and trading operations of this e-commerce company. Later in 2017, Muhammad Hasan Lakhani started his internship at Dry Cargo Chartering. He took care of the offshore operations of the company. To the people who are not aware of Dry Cargo Chartering's central business, let us tell you that this company is involved with offering shipping services to global organizations. Hasan Lakhani Dubai can quickly establish a rapport with the business leaders, and his ability to create connections has helped him develop an elite group of his business contacts.

It can be said that Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Shipping acquired success based on his dedication and not because of his father. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Dubai proved his ground to be able to work in the industry. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani contributes towards the economy of London & Dubai, and he also plays a significant role in the growth of Pakistan. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani is a great entrepreneur, but he is also a fantastic sportsman who often loves participating in various sports activities. Overall, Muhammad Hasan Lakhani is a great personality, and he is a role model of many individuals across the globe.

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In cooperation with MICCO Logistics, TDE and Seabed Geosolutions SAS, Abu Dhabi Ports has launched its Fourth annual stakeholders Five-a-side football tournament.

Abu Dhabi Ports (A) team won the opening match 5 – 1 against Emirates Steel team, while MICCO Logistics team won 2 – 1 against Etihad Rail team. Prior to the launch of the tournament, Abu Dhabi Ports organized an exhibition match between the company team and the UAE’s “Irada team”, representatives of the UAE at the Special Olympics World Games.

23 teams are participating in the tournament, representing Abu Dhabi Ports’ partners from the public and private sectors. Teams will play the tournament in five groups that were drawn up earlier, in accordance with rules and regulations of International Socca Federation in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

The first five-team group comprises Abu Dhabi Ports (A); Department of Economic Development; Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel; Sea Ports Division – Zayed Port Center.

The second group comprises Abu Dhabi Ports (B), Department of Transportation, General Directorate of Customs – Abu Dhabi and Bin Hamoodah Auto. The third group includes: Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, “Saha”, COSCO Shipping Company and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, and the fourth group includes: Federal Authority for Land and Maritime Transport, Etihad Rail, ADVOC, Sky News Arabia and MICCO Logistics. The fifth group includes Abu Dhabi Municipality, Musanada, the Department of Civil Defense, National Marine Dredging Company and Amana.

The stadium will host 4-5 matches every day for three weeks. The top three teams will be awarded valuable prizes, in addition to Best Player, Best Goal Keeper and Ideal Team awards.

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